Folklorama how-to

Tip for a First-Timer:

  • A typical festival goer will want to visit 3 pavilions in an evening and try out at least 3 to 6 pavilions in each week of the two week festival.
  • Your best plan is to pick a pavilion you know you want to visit, locate it on the map and find two additional pavilions close by that you can visit for your second and third visit of the night.
  • Go hungry so you can try an appetizer at the first, dinner at the second and a dessert at the last pavilion.
How Folklorama works:
  • Folklorama is a two-week multicultural festival that features more than 40 pavilions each August.
  • Half of the pavilions operate in week 1 of the festival and the other half of pavilions operate in week 2
  • The festival is mostly an evening festival though there are some matinee shows on the weekends (all show times are in the Travel Guide available here July 1).
  • There are pavilions located throughout the city of Winnipeg - the locations are all mapped out in the centre of the Folklorama Travel Guide.
  • The official Travel Guide is your most important tool (available in pdf and in individual pavilion descriptions.
  • Hard copies of the Travel Guide are available at 20 Western Union locations as well as Manitoba Liquor Marts, leading Manitoba hotels and attractions, as well as Travel Manitoba tourism offices.
The Travel Guide includes everything you need to know:
  • All pavilions offer standard show times at 6:45, 8:15 and 9:45pm from Sunday to Saturday, but pavilions often add shows so make sure to check the Guide for additional show times.
  • Descriptions of the entertainment and food you can experience at each pavilion.
  • Pavilion locations are laid out on a 4 page fold out map in the centre of the Guide
  • At the beginning of each week there is a handy list that shows which pavilions offer late night parties(typically a dance band), children's activities, outdoor components (patios, some with bar or food service), and those pavilions that accept dinner reservations.