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Folklorama is a two week festival set in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. During these two weeks in August, more than 40 pavilions showcase different cultures from around the world through live performances, delicious cultural dishes with exotic beverages and beautiful cultural displays that make the Folklorama experience one you soon won't forget.

Folklorama Travel developed out of the festival, seeking out group tours throughout North America that wanted to experience traveling the world without leaving Winnipeg. Today, it has grown into a year round program providing touring groups from around the continent access to many attractions and activities Winnipeg and Manitoba have to offer.

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Folklorama Teachings brings the cultural diversity that is the trademark of Folklorama into classrooms, daycares and educational settings throughout Winnipeg and around Manitoba. Reaching out to children and youth, the Teachings program is designed to help students appreciate the diversity of cultures and motivate students to take pride in their own cultural heritage.

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Folklorama Talent is a full-service entertainment booking agency that represents multicultural and contemporary performers who are ready to make any special event or convention a memorable experience for you and your guests.

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Check out some Shaw TV pavilion interviews from Folklorama 2013 festival here.

Preparing for Folklorama

Week 1 (August 4 to August 10)

Week 2 (August 11 to August 17)

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