Folklorama Past

Folklorama began in 1970 and was intended to be a one time event to celebrate Manitoba's Centennial. But it was so successful it has returned every year since then. The very first festival was only 7 days long with 21 pavilions participating. Since then, we have grown to a two-week format with half of the pavilions opening their doors in week 1 and the other half in week 2. Since then, dozens of organizations have joined our mission of "Celebrating diversity and promoting cultural understanding." 

Below are some of our travel guides from past years:

PDF 2013 Travel Guide

PDF 2012 Travel Guide

PDF 2011 Travel Guide

PDF 2010 Travel Guide

PDF 2009 Travel Guide

PDF 2008 Travel Guide

PDF 2007 Travel Guide

PDF 2006 Travel Guide



"Folklorama is AWESOME! This was
the first year that I have been and I can
honestly say that I had no idea how
fabulous it is. Folklorama is definitely
an annual event for my family now."