Behind Folklorama

There are many people that make Folklorama possible.

First and foremost, there are 20,000 volunteers who band together every year who commit timeless hours to showcasing their culture at the pavilions every year. They are passionate, committed individuals who each have a unique story. These volunteers are all recruited out of our membership. We have roughly 200 member organizations that make up the voting members of the organization.

The Folklorama board of directors is made up of 12 volunteers who are elected out of the organization's membership. They provide vision and direction for the organization and ensure its financial stability and future viability.

The organization employs 12 year round staff who work throughout the year to not only help organize the festival, but also the Talent, Teachings and Travel programs on a year round basis. So when people ask, "Is that a full time job you have?" the answer is a very definite YES!