About Folklorama

Folklorama began in 1970 as a one time multicultural event to celebrate Manitoba's Centennial. It was so successful it has returned every year since.

In 1970, the Folklorama festival was only 7 days long with 21 pavilions participating. Since then, the festival has grown to two full weeks with 20-plus pavilions open in week 1 and a second set of 20 pavilions running in week 2. Today, the festival typically draws over 400,000 pavilion visits, plus 15,000 visitors to Folklorama Kick-off held the week before pavilions open.

Three programs have grown out of the festival's success, each one working to fullfill our mission of celebrating diversity and promoting cultural understanding:

  • Folklorama Talent brings multicultural and contemporary performers to special events and conventions throughout the year.
  • Folklorama Teachings bring story tellers and performers into schools and daycares.
  • Folklorama Travel works to bring both tours and individuals not only to the festival, but to the city of Winnipeg year round.

Click here to download our 2013 Annual Report.