About Teachings
Folklorama Teachings brings the cultural diversity that is the trademark of Folklorama into classrooms, daycares and educational settings throughout  Winnipeg and Manitoba. Reaching out to children and youth, the Teachings program is designed to help students appreciate the diversity of cultures and motivate students to take pride in their own cultural heritage.

Bridging the Gap

Drawing on a wide selection of talented ethnic performers, we will work you to customize a program that meet your needs and surpasses your expectations. Educating students is your specialty; enhancing a classroom with hands-on multicultural workshops is ours.

Who is this program for?

Any educator who is interested in celebrating cultural diversity or promoting cultural understanding can benefit from Folklorama Teachings. Elementary, middle school and daycares tend to be our most popular clients, but high schools, universities and colleges throughout Manitoba have taken advantage of our programs.

Teachers from every area of study can enjoy the benefits of Folklorama Teachings. Music teachers typically book musicians such as Celtic drummers, Social Studies teachers can drawn on Aboriginal performers and speakers to address their curricular needs while a Language Arts teacher may book an African storyteller or artisan. Even Phys. Ed teachers have taken advantage of our performers, bringing folk dance into their gyms.


We can do a variety of activities to make your program special, including : workshops, school assemblies and festivals, field trips, multi-day excursions, lectures, cooking/crafts, and dance lessons.

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"I believe Folklorama is an excellent ambassador for tourism in Winnipeg and also for Manitoba. My experience bringing a national meeting to Winnipeg was made more positive thanks to you."