Education Programs

Typically a workshop runs for about 45 to 60 minutes and is best suited to groups  of up to 30 people. Music workshops might include steep pan drumming or Celtic penny whistles. Enhance a Social Studies class with Aboriginal dancing or an EAL class with African storytelling. There are many options to bring culture into a variety of settings and there is no better way to engage your students in the celebration of culture.

Assemblies & Mini-Folklorama Festivals

Engage your entire school in the celebration of culture. Bring the four corners of the world into your auditorium where students can learn to dance, get a taste of ethnic treats or enjoy world beat rhythms. Whether your school is ethnically diverse or not, every student will benefit by appreciating the differences in others.

Field Trips

We can take your class to a cultural centre such as Thunderbird House and engage them in a cultural workshops and demonstrations. There are a variety of museums and cultural centres we will work with to bring cultures to life.


Bring a cultural expert into your class to talk about racism, immigration or the history and nature of the Folklorama success story.


Arrange for a cooking demonstration in your school by one of our expert ethnic cooks and achieve an authentic cultural experience - enjoyable  for young and old alike.

Dance Lessons

Interested in Latin dance, flamenco or Indian folk dance? We can hook you up with dance lessons with our performing groups.

Contact us to take advantage of any of our offerings or use our booking form get more information.



"I believe Folklorama is an excellent ambassador for tourism in Winnipeg and also for Manitoba. My experience bringing a national meeting to Winnipeg was made more positive thanks to you."