Get the NEW Folklorama Mobile App for FREE!flk_iphone_app_mockup_230x480

The interactive Folklorama app makes it easy to look up pavilion information and get GPS directions, persue our VIP World Tours, get Folklorama Kick-off information and even rate your experience.

With the new Folklorama app you can:

  • view detailed pavilion information
  • rate your Folklorama experience
  • see the top-rated pavilions
  • track pavilions you've visited
  • make a visitor wishlist
  • locate pavilions using GPS
  • get turn-by-turn directions to pavilions
  • get updated information about the VIP World Tour program and Folklorama Kick-off
  • see which pavilions offer late night parties

Now available on iOS and Android devices!

iPhone and iPad users: Visit the iTunes App Store or click here.

Android users: Visit the Google Play store or click here.

BlackBerry users: The Folklorama app for BlackBerry devices is currently still awaiting approval and will not be ready in time for the start of the festival. We are hopeful that it will be available sometime during week one. Please check back for updates as they are made available.