L'ensemble Folklorique

L'ensemble Folklorique La Riviere-Rouge are well known for the 'Joie de vivre' (Joy of Life) which they depict so well in their dances. Their extensive repertoire is composed of French-Canadian formation dances as well as step dances, known as 'Gigues', which feature intricate footwork and patterns. Original choreography combines with traditional formations and figures representing the cultures of Acadia, Québec and Manitoba.

L'ensemble includes a talented group of musicians consisting of instrumentalists and singers, some of whom are also dancers. They put all of their energy into their performance of traditional songs and lively music which features exciting fiddle tunes accompanied by the accordion, the piano and several percussive instruments such as the bones, the spoons and the bodhran, a hand-held drum. It is a joy for both listeners and players and a lively challenge for the dancers of L'ensemble Folklorique La Riviere-Rouge.


Country: French Canadian
Region: North America



"I believe Folklorama is an excellent ambassador for tourism in Winnipeg and also for Manitoba. My experience bringing a national meeting to Winnipeg was made more positive thanks to you."