Week 1: August 4 – August 10


Slovenija Pavilion

Daniel McIntyre High School • 720 Alverstone St. (Located west of Arlington @ Wellington) (Jump to Map)

Credit Cards Accepted Interac Accepted Air Conditioned
Ramp entrance & accessible washrooms Ramp entrance & accessible washrooms Ramp entrance & accessible washrooms

Pavilion Sponsor:
Canadian Slovenian Cultural Society Inc.

Pavilion Coordinator:
Matthew Sobocan
Stan Majowski

Adult Ambassadors:
Lauren Vrsnik
Sabrina Simonic

Youth Ambassadors:
Taylor Tutkaluke
Evan Slejko

Show Time:
Sun - Sat 6:45, 8:15, 9:45pm
Sun - Sat 6:00pm - 11:00pm
Late Night Parties
Dinner Reservations


Come join us for a tour of Slovenija. Through our songs, dances, food, beverages and cultural display, marvel at the incredible diversity of our tiny country, barely the size of Lake Winnipeg. Enjoy the enthusiasm and precision of our three dance groups: Zvoncek (Little Bells), Rozmarin (Mountain Blossom) and Triglav (Highest Mountain) and the traditional sounds of the singing group Zvon (Bell). While you watch the show you can indulge in our succulent Slovenian barbequed whole pigs and chickens, freshly roasted on-site daily. You can follow up your hearty meal with some of our famous pastries which will cure anyone's sweet tooth. Make sure to sample some of the fine beer and wines as well. If you like to dance, sing, eat and generally have a terrific time, come to Slovenija!

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