Llama Tales e-News Update Archive



Advertising in Folklorama's Llama Tales e-newsletter is the ideal way to connect with numerous ethno-cultural communities in Winnipeg. View the 2016 e-Newsletter rate card here.




January 2017 | January Llama Tales - New Year of Sharing Multiculturalism

February 2017 | February Llama Tales - We love our Volunteers!



December 2016 | December Llama Tales - Warm Welcome for Winter

November 2016 | November Llama Tales - Celebrate International Volunteer Day

October 2016 | October Llama Tales - Volunteers Are Our Stars

September 2016 | Folklorama 47 Showed We Are Truly Woven Together

July 2016 | Folklorama 47 is Just Around the Corner!

June 2016 | Woven Together

May 2016 | Folklorama 47 Unveiled 

April 2016 | Folklorama New Board of Directors

March 2016 | Springing Forward!

February 2016 | Look What's Coming Up in February!

January 2016 | Ready for the New Year



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