Board of Directors



Avrom Charach, President

Stan Hall, Chair, Licensing Committee
Tamara Medina, Chair, Membership Committee
Richard Reif, Chair, Finance & Audit Committee
Matthew Sobocan, Chair, Scholarship Committee
Eugene Waskiw, Chair, Review Committee
Althea Gederon, Director
Surekha Joshi, Director
Bridget Peterson, Director
Dr. Paramjit Tappia, Director 
Denys Volkov, Director
Marko Vujadin, Director

Immediate Past-President, Zaleena Salaam, will serve as Chair, Nominating Committee.




To become a member of the Folklorama Board of Directors, a successful nominee must be an individual Member of the Folk Arts Council of Winnipeg Inc. / Folklorama in good standing, or an individual in good standing of a nominating Organizational Member. Current Pavilion Coordinators are ineligible to apply for a position on the Board during the corresponding Board term.

Serving on the Folklorama Board takes time and commitment but the role can be a rewarding experience because the Board provides support and direction to Folklorama’s year-round operations.

An information evening for those interested in joining Folklorama’s Board of Directors will be held each year.

If you are interested in becoming a Board member, contact Richele Philippot for more information at (204) 982-6214 or email