Board of Directors



Stan Hall - President

Tamara Medina - Chair, Review Committee
Bridget Peterson - Chair, Membership Committee
Richard Reif - Chair, Licensing Committee
Eugene Waskiw - Chair, Scholarship Committee   

Marites Aiello - Director          
Althea Gederon - Director
Surekha Joshi - Director
Matthew Sobocan - Director
Dr. Paramjit Tappia - Director
Denys Volkov - Director

Immediate Past-President, Avrom Charach, will serve as Chair, Nominating Committee.




To become a member of the Folklorama Board of Directors, a successful nominee must be an individual Member of the Folk Arts Council of Winnipeg Inc. / Folklorama in good standing, or an individual in good standing of a nominating Organizational Member. Current Pavilion Coordinators are ineligible to apply for a position on the Board during the corresponding Board term.

Serving on the Folklorama Board takes time and commitment but the role can be a rewarding experience because the Board provides support and direction to Folklorama’s year-round operations.

An information evening for those interested in joining Folklorama’s Board of Directors will be held each year.

If you are interested in becoming a Board member, contact:

Richele Philippot, Executive Assistant
(204) 982-6214