Festival Information



Expect to taste delicious, authentic food and exotic beverages, meet friendly Ambassadors dressed in traditional cultural attire and experience dynamic performances featuring world-class – all while learning about cultures from around the world.



  • Many visitors to the Festival plan to visit 3 pavilions in an evening and at least 3 to 6 pavilions in each week of the two-week festival
  • Select a pavilion you want to visit, locate it on the map, and find two additional pavilions close by that you can visit for your second and third visit of the night
  • Bring an appetite and try an appetizer at the first pavilion, dinner at the second and a dessert at your last stop of the night



  • Folklorama is a two-week multicultural festival featuring more than 40 pavilions during the first two weeks of every August
  • Half of the Festival's pavilions operate in Week 1 of the Festival and the other half operate in Week 2
  • The Folklorama Travel Guide is your most important Festival planning tool
  • Printed copies of the Travel Guide are available at Manitoba Liquor Marts, Cambrian Credit Union branches, Vickar Automotive Group dealerships, Winnipeg 7-Eleven locations, leading Manitoba hotels and attractions, as well as the Folklorama office
  • The Festival takes place during evenings, though there are some afternoon shows on the weekends (all show times are listed in the Travel Guide)
  • A convenient fold-out map in the centre of the Folklorama Travel Guide displays the locations of pavilions across Winnipeg



    • Pavilion show times
    • Descriptions of the entertainment and food you will experience at each pavilion
    • A 4-page fold out map in the centre of the Travel Guide that lays out pavilion locations across the city