The Casinos of Winnipeg Folklorama Kick-Off

The Casinos of Winnipeg Folklorama Kick-Off is a FREE event at the Lyric Theatre at Assiniboine Park on Saturday, July 28 from 3-9 pm. There will be Interactive cultural workshops, performances and demonstrations, children’s activities, pavilion expo, and Third+Bird Urban Market!


3:00PM: Folklorama Pavilion Entertainment Performances:   

- Grupo Rumel from Chile Lindo Pavilion   

- Splendore D’Italia Dance Group from Italian Pavilion  

- Belgian Folk Dancers from Belgian Pavilion  

- Serbian Beograd Pavilion Dancers

- Manitoba Great Wall Performing Arts Dancers from Chinese Pavilion

4:00PM: Folklorama Teachings Workshop with Evans Coffie   

4:30PM: Week 1 Pavilion Ambassador Introductions   

5:00PM: Folklorama Teachings Workshop with TiBert Le Voyageur   

5:30PM: Taekwondo Demonstration from Korean Pavilion   

5:45PM: FolkloramaTeachings Workshop with Winnipeg Steel Orchestra   

6:15PM: Week 2 Pavilion Ambassador Introductions

6:45PM: Tamil Pavilion Dance Group Performance

7:00PM: Pavilion of Scotland Performance

7:15PM: Winnipeg Bhangra Club Performance from Punjab Pavilion

7:30PM: Asham Stompers Performance from Metis Pavilion  

8:15PM: Latin Fusion Late Night Party band from El Salvador Pavilion