2020 Festival Update

Folklorama Cancels Festival for 2020


Dear Folklorama Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the cancellation of the 51st edition of the Folklorama Festival due to measures implemented in the battle against COVID-19. After much consultation with our government officials, board of directors, volunteers, and members, we know this is the right decision for all concerned. 

Folklorama is a not-for-profit organization and as such, this decision was not made lightly, nor without full knowledge of its greater impact on all. Our annual flagship festival is a significant source of revenue generation for over 40 ethno-cultural communities across the city and their ability to live our mission of celebrating diversity and promoting cultural understanding on a year-round basis. 

“Our event is built on people coming together, not just during two weeks in August, but for many months prior to prepare to welcome festival goers into pavilions with pride”, states Stan Hall, President, Board of Directors, Folklorama. ”There will be a time and place where we can all celebrate together, but following the Government of Manitoba guidelines, it cannot be this summer. We look forward to welcoming the world August 1st to 14th, 2021.”

The first Folklorama Festival was held in 1970 as part of the Manitoban centennial. What came from this event was a need in the community to celebrate our diversity as a province. In 2019, during the 50th Anniversary celebration, Folklorama saw the largest attendance in over 10 years with 455,000 guest visits. 

“For many of us, Folklorama is home; it is tradition and a place of belonging”, states Teresa Cotroneo, Executive Director, Folklorama. “In 2019 we had a memorable 50th anniversary celebration. How fortunate are we to have this amazing milestone to look back on, as we work towards coming back stronger and making new memories in 2021.” 

Folklorama Agency

For over 30 years, Folklorama has been the proud home to over 85 culturally diverse artists. From educational programs at schools, to entertainment at Galas and weddings, to cultural experiences, Folklorama will remain the go-to place for providing entertainment to the world. Because events are currently on-hold, Folklorama has introduced Folklorama Feed as a way to showcase the talents of our memebers online to the world. Tune into social media feeds @Folklorama to learn more.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to celebrating with you in 2021.

-The Folklorama Board and Operations Team