Wushu Manitoba Training Centre


Wushu Manitoba Training Centre (WMTC) is Manitoba's premier Wushu, Dragon & Lion Acrobatics demonstration & competition team. Now combined with the Yau King Moon Kung Fu Institute of Canada under Grandmaster Richard Van since February 2006, the WMTC have performed for a variety of clients from Winnipeg to Las Vegas, Nevada and through international competition like the Return of the Lion Kings (2006 Winnipeg, MB). They strive to promote Chinese culture through Chinese Martial Arts, Dragon, Lion and Lion Pole acrobatics.

With over 22 years of cultural, athletic, competitive and coaching experience, the WMTC brings to their clients one of the most electrifying and colorful performances that bring audiences to their feet. Wushu is the national sport of the People's Republic of China and is the Chinese term for martial arts. Wushu routines are displayed through combative movements and acrobatics. Routines are performed solo, paired or in groups, either barehanded or armed with traditional Chinese weapons.

The Dragon & Lion were initially performed strictly for Emperors and royalty. But now it has evolved as an important Chinese mythical and traditional symbol that is performed all over the world. The Dragon & Lion acrobatics are displayed by a colourful and life-like Chinese Dragon that requires up to 25 people and a Chinese Southern Lion that requires 2 man teams either free style or on 9 foot poles accompanied by the thunderous roar of the traditional Chinese drums and instruments. These performances portray Chinese culture, legends, myths and elite skills passed down from many generations. The Dragon and Lion is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and happiness to special events & celebrations, corporate functions and cultural events.