Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble


Established in 1979, Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble is proud to call Selkirk, Manitoba their home. Troyanda, meaning rose, operates under the objective to preserve and promote Ukrainian culture through the art of Ukrainian dance. The group of young, talented performers has grown to be one of Canada’s most vibrant and energetic Ukrainian Dance Ensembles.
Troyanda has had the opportunity to develop an extensive repertoire of dances to represent the diverse regions of Ukraine. The Ensemble is honoured to have worked with many talented choreographers including Svitlana and Bohdan Tkachyshyn, Serhij Koroliuk, Paul Olijnyk, Vincent Rees, and Myroslav Vantuch upon countless others. Working with such world-renowned talent has given Troyanda the ability to truly capture the essence of Ukrainian culture and tradition. 
Troyanda has amazed audiences worldwide with their performance and undeniable passion for Ukrainian dance. Under the direction of Ms. Kristina Washchyshyn and Mr. Paul Doroniuk, Troyanda continues to perfect their art and inspire audiences of all kinds. The artistic team provides the Ensemble with professional instruction and expertise of Ukrainian dance. Under their direction, the dancers have developed a strong sense of determination, loyalty, and pride of their culture and tradition which shines through as their rich spirit and energy onstage. 
Troyanda’s dancers are all in agreement of why their passion for the Ensemble runs high – they are a family. The encouragement and focus of the dancers is truly unique. Not only is each member committed to the Ensemble, they are committed to each other; making for an unbreakable bond of their ever-growing family. 

Why do we exist?

Troyanda is a family of dancers, a second home where love of dance, pride of culture and passion for excellence are celebrated and shared.

What do we do?

Troyanda is a Canadian-Ukrainian dance ensemble that provides professional training, choreography and performance.

What are our values?

Openness; Inclusiveness; Professionalism; Determination; Discipline 


Photo credit: L. Krawchuk