Guylaina & Brazilian Vibe


Brazilian Vibe enchants the audiences while performing the poetic and vibrant  “Samba” and “Bossa Nova” from Brazil.

From the Afro-Brazilian Samba to the most recent “jazzy” Bossa Nova, these melodies and rhythms will undoubtedly take you to the tropical land of Brazil !

As the main vocalist of  “Brazilian Vibe”, Guylaina’s authentic interpretation is a beautiful mix of Brazilian music that ranges from the traditional artist Clara Nunez to the popular singer Aline Calixto.  

Sung in Portuguese, English and French, her repertoire also includes Brazilian favorites from the renowned composer Antonio  Carlos Jobim, as well as famous singers and songwriters João Gilberto and Vinicius De Moraes.

Traveling from Europe to Africa and passing through Latin America, Guylaina’s passion for the Brazilian music is inspired by her numerous travels and her desire to share the poetic language of these universal grooves.

“Brazilian vibe” has performed in many venues including Folklorama festival, South beach Casino as well as many restaurants and pubs. The band is available in duo as well as larger ensemble.

GEMA 2019 from Guylaine Maltais on Vimeo.