Guylaina & Brazilian Vibe


Guylaina delights in performing the poetic and vibrant "Samba" and "Bossa Nova" from Brazil. These universal grooves are comforting, energizing while inviting you to live passionately. 

Along with sharing the stage with Brazilian roots musicians, Guylaina's percussions and colourful voice create an appealing cocktail of "Brazilian Vibe". From the Afro-Brazilian Samba to the most recent "jazzy" Bossa Nova, these melodies and rhythms will assuredly take you to the tropical and sultry land of Brazil!

Traveling from Europe to Africa and going through Latin America, Guylaina's enthusiasm has spurred her to learn many languages. Besides her native French language, she is also fluent in English, Spanish and her latest favourite being Portuguese. In fact, her performance is comprised of Portuguese as well as English and French songs.

Guylaina has performed in various venues including festivals, weddings, workshops, restaurants and showcases throughout Western Canada. "Brazilian vibe" is available in duo as well as large ensemble.

GEMA 2019 from Guylaine Maltais on Vimeo.