Sarah Sommer Chai Folk Ensemble


Sarah Sommer Chai Folk Ensemble is one of Winnipeg's oldest and most renowned ethnic dance groups. Founded in 1964 by the late Sarah Sommer, Chai has been constantly growing in both stature and artistic accomplishment while thrilling audiences at home and abroad with its unique blend of music, song, and dance. Consisting of over 40 talented singers, dancers, and musicians, Chai has performed across Canada and the United States and has had the pleasure of appearing with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and under the auspices of Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

The ensemble has also been a feature attraction at Folklorama's Israel Pavilion – Shalom Square since the first Folklorama in 1970. The ensemble brings together many facets of Jewish culture from diverse times and places through the threads of dance, music, and song to form a captivating and memorable presentation for audiences of all ages.