Metis Prairie Steppers


The Metis Prairie Steppers is a dedicated youth dance group from Portage La Prairie, Manitoba that gives high-energy performances of Metis step dancing and jigging. The dances are partner square-dances that have been handed down through generations combined with the group’s own style. The Red River Jig is the unofficial anthem of the Metis and has a unique step that includes a chorus and a verse. The dancers’ outfits are traditional style, but made with brighter colors and modern materials.

Together since 2005, the Metis Prairie Steppers provide an opportunity for youth to learn about Metis culture and dance. The group gives youth a place to become positive role models and gives them a sense of contribution through sharing what they have learned with the community by performing.

The group has performed at many cultural festivals and events throughout Manitoba and have travelled to Vancouver for the 30th anniversary of the Metis National Council Gala.