Kayumanggi Philippine Performing Arts


Dedicated to the enhancement of the Philippine culture and heritage through song, music, theater and dance, the Kayumanggi Philippine Performing Arts of the Philippine Association of Manitoba, Inc. is proud of its achievements in inspiring young members of the community to preserve and explore the many rich and diverse traditions of the Philippines through various performing art forms and styles. It is with this added knowledge that the honour is reflected on the faces of the dancers as they perform traditional folkdances such as the national dance Tinikling, where dancers weave in and out of bamboo poles with an ever increasing tempo; Pandanggo sa Ilaw, where lighted candles are balanced on the head and hands of the dancers to help fishermen find their way home; the romantic and graceful Jotas and Balses; the indigenous tribal rhythms of the north and the Muslim influences of the south.

Kayumanggi has established the level of expertise in all repertoires. The group has performed in international venues such as France, both the east and west coasts of the United States as well as numerous Canadian cities.