Manitoba Great Wall Performing Arts


Manitoba Great Wall Performing Arts is a non-profit cultural performance organization. The group promotes Chinese culture and arts throughout Winnipeg through performances and interaction with the community. The group’s performances include the traditional Chinese classical dance, the Chinese folk dance, modern dance, Kung Fu, Taiji and the traditional Chinese Lion Dance. With colourful costumes and highly skilled performers, the Manitoba Great Wall Performing Arts group captivates any audience.

The group’s membership consists of local Chinese immigrants, Chinese-Canadian citizens and student volunteers who share a common interest in the Chinese performing arts and are dedicated to community growth. In addition to promoting Chinese culture the group enriches overseas Chinese cultural life, strengthens the Chinese ethnic identity and community and contributes to the connection between mainland and overseas Chinese through performing arts.

The group performs throughout Winnipeg at festivals, opening celebrations, events and weddings to showcase the skills of its dancers and promote the Chinese culture.