Bolero Dance Theatre


The Bolero Dance Theatre (a.k.a. Hispanic Dance Theatre) is a theatrical dance company devoted to preserving and presenting all aspects of Spanish dance: from the elegance and beauty of the 18th and 19th century Escuela Bolera style to the passion of fiery Flamenco. The troupe also performs classical Spanish dance through full Spanish dance productions and flamenco ballets like: Carmen based on Bizet’s opera, House of Bernarda Alba based on Garcia Lorca’s play, and Spartacus based on the Russian ballet. The company is comprised of talented dancers and musicians.

The dancers have trained for several years in the art of Spanish dance by taking classes in Canada and Madrid, Spain. Some of their teachers have been Carmen Infante, Claudia Carolina, Maritel Centurion, Mamen Tejedor and Eloy Pericet. Most presentations are performed to live accompaniment of guitars, flute, percussion and voice, making the overall performance more dynamic, and energetic. The colourful traditional costumes and props which include trained dresses, castanets, and capes enhance the spectacle to the maximum.

The Bolero Dance Theatre also has Mexican dances, and some Latin American dances like Cha-cha, Merengue, and Tango as part of their repertoire. In 2002 the ensemble performed at the Centennial Concert Hall to the music of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. That same year they went on tour to Nova Scotia and danced at the Bauer Theatre. In 2005 several company members went to Madrid, Spain and took flamenco, classical Spanish dance and Escuela Bolera classes. As members of Folklorama, they have participated in numerous festivals, and have taught several workshops in the Manitoba school system.