Romanetz Ukrainian Dance Ensemble


The Romanetz Ukrainian Dance Ensemble is named after a flower that carpets the steppes of Ukraine. This beautiful, yet hardy daisy is the perfect description for a dance group that calls the uncompromising Canadian prairie “Home”!

The group was founded in 1978. The ensemble functions with an “Open Door Policy” which has allowed them a very unique status in Winnipeg. They accept all who are interested in Ukrainian dance without prejudice to ethnic background or dance ability. Rehearsals are always open to new dancers, whether they have danced since childhood or are lacing up their dance shoes for the very first time. 

Romanetz has had the honour of performing at various festivals and events including the Opening Ceremonies of the 1999 Pan Am Games in Winnipeg, Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin, Canada Day celebrations in South Dakota, and onstage at the Centennial Concert Hall with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in 2011, 2013, and 2015. Internationally, Romanetz represented Canada at the IX International Folklore Festival in Zacatecas, Mexico in 2004 and the International Folklore Festival in Winningen, Germany in 2009 and 2015. Romanetz is directed and instructed by Tom Mokry.

Three common themes unite the members of Romanetz: they are proud of the Ukrainian heritage, they love Ukrainian dance and they have a strong desire to share the culture with the world. With their traditional welcoming dance - Pryvit, demonstrations of sword fighting, regional ensemble numbers, dynamic tambourine dances and the energetic finale of Hopak, this Ensemble will invite you to share in their love of Ukrainian dance.