Rozmai Ukrainian Dance Company


The Rozmai Ukrainian Dance Company is a group of high-spirited dancers devoted to the love of their culture and the preservation of Ukrainian traditions. The group has an extensive repertoire of dances from almost every region in the Ukraine. One of the most popular dances performed by the dancers is the fiery Hopak. Derived from a Ukrainian word meaning to ‘jump’, the Hopak features high kicks, leaps, twirls and spins. The dancers wear a wardrobe of costumes reflective of each region in the Ukraine to accentuate their highly-skilled performances.

Established in 1971, the Rozmai Ukrainian Dance Company performs at various festivals and functions throughout Canada and the United States. The group has performed at many venues and events including Disneyland, Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin, the Aquatenial Festival in Minneapolis, the Ukrainian Festival in San Diego, the 10th Anniversary of Independence of Ukraine in Lviv and the 2005 International Folkloric Festival in Peru. In addition to national and international events, the group has performed locally with distinguished groups such as the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet in its Swan Lake production.