Book a Workshop

Booking a performer or workshop is easy. Simply select a cultural theme or decide what type of cultural enhancement you would like to bring into your classroom, school or daycare. We’ll find a performer to suit your needs and work with them to ensure your objectives are being met.

All you have to do is make one phone call, no paperwork required. We offer programming year-round and there is no deadline to apply. Simply call a few weeks ahead of the performance date and we’ll book the performance.

Please contact Folklorama Teachings at (204) 982-6210 or 1(800) 665-0234 or to book today! For more information on the individual performers visit the Performers page.



We can bring culture to a classroom or school assembly for a very affordable fee. With flexible workshop styles and time frames, we can customize your performance/workshop to meet your needs.

Folklorama Teachings not only services Winnipeg schools and daycares, we also travel throughout Manitoba to reach rural schools. 



With dozens of performers representing regions around the world, Folklorama Teachings offers a multicultural selection that will enhance any lesson or program. Our performances can be tailored to all ages, from elementary to high school. Educating students is your specialty; enhancing a classroom with hands-on multicultural workshops is ours.



Typically a workshop runs for about 45 to 60 minutes and is best suited to groups up to 30 people. Teachers from every area of study can enjoy the benefits of Folklorama Teachings. Phys. Ed workshops could include Brazilian martial arts or folk dance. Music workshops may include steel pan drumming or Celtic penny whistles. Enhance a Social Studies class with Aboriginal dancing or an EAL class with African storytelling.



Folklorama Teachings can present a fantastic performance for a school assembly or we can create a mini-Folklorama festival for the entire school. Bring the four corners of the world into your auditorium where students can learn to dance, get a taste of ethnic treats or enjoy world beat rhythms. Whether your school is culturally diverse or not, every student will benefit by appreciating the differences in others.



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