These two talented artists have performed and educated throughout Winnipeg and beyond. They bring to the stage the sights and sounds of African culture, embodied in frenetic drum rhythms and powerful dance movements.

Casimiro is a multi-talented artist, who is greatly admired for his skills as a choreographer, dancer, singer and musician. Prompting him to this level was his experience as a dancer and artistic director of the Mozambique National Dance Company. Now established in Winnipeg, his African dance classes are a hit at the school of contemporary dancers, and his own dance company 'Nafro Dabce' has gained national and international attention.

Jay is an African drumming specialist. Living and studying drumming in Ghana for almost 4 years has given him an insightful understanding of music and African culture. He has been sharing this knowledge with school students, teachers and music enthusiasts in Manitoba and Ontario over the past 5 years. He currently performs with Bafana, Desert Caravan, the Ghanaian Cultural Dancers and the Japanese, Indian and African Drumming collaboration Just Drummin'.