Maryka Chabluk


Maryka Chabluk is a Winnipeg-based performer who sings Ukrainian songs within a colourful, high energy performance. Lyrical folk songs are presented with a splash of folk dance, movement and audience participation. Maryka is an accomplished recording artist, having released three vocal CDs with Iryna Wilson in "Duet Maryna." Their first recording is a collection of Canadian Pioneer melodies, the second many folk favourites recorded with a group from Ukraine, "Lvivsky Musyky," and the third, Joyful News a collection of Christmas Carols sung in Ukrainian and English.

Maryka’s love of Ukrainian song and dance has opened doors to performing for Pope John Paul II, audiences in Italy, Japan, Australia, United States and throughout Canada, sharing the stage with Jim Carey, Rich Little and the Nylons. She continues to travel, record new music and looks forward to new experiences and opportunities to perform.